Can someone out there give me hints on how to sweep. I'm learning Canon Rock by Jerry C and it's hard.
Start out by practicing very slowly. And practice it a lot. Patience helps too. My friend tried learning to sweep but stopped because his patience wore off.
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well #1 dont use that as your first song to sweep with, its very hard to do 6 string sweeps, look at serrana by jason becker, look at the first couple bars.
start with small 2-3 string sweeps to build your confidence and your technique and make sure that when you start you mute the other strings so that they don't ring out. if they do, that'll be hell for you to fix later on.
MAke sure your pick isn't perpendicular with your strings. Lean it a bit when you sweep. Also, when you are learning, make sure when you move to the next string, you leave no other strings ringing. The people who learned wrong and leave strings ringing sound very sloppy.
Also start with 3 string sweeps. Heres One:
-12-(pull off-)--9------------- - - 9-(Hammer On)--12--(Pull Off)--9--
--------------------- 10----- 10--------------------------------------------
-------------------------- 9------------------------------------------------

And repeat and start slow and build speed.
Yeah thanks a tone guys great stuff. but i meant techinques like with fingers and the ick to help me.
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Can someone out there give me hints on how to sweep. I'm learning Canon Rock by Jerry C and it's hard.

Uh.. I would pigeonhole that song for now if you don't know how to sweep, that song has boo-koos of sweeping thats very advanced. Just learn 3 string sweeps, then 4 5 etc. Theres PLENTY of info on how to sweep pick EVERYWHERE, gl.
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