got a question about buying the used stuff from them. i was considering getting the ESP LTD JH-600 blemished. i read exactly what this means, and sometimes its only a guitar with a scratch here and there. but is the set-up changed back to stock/messed with to the previous player? if anyone has ever got used stuff from MF, can you give me some advice on buying from here? thanks

BTW, heres the link to the guitar. save $150 if you get it used....:JH-600 Blem
If you are saving a whole $150 on the blem one, there must be some major damage on that thing. If it was only a little scratch or crack, you wouldn't get THAT big of a discount. On the other hand, they wouldn't sell it if it was unplayable...so it's probably only cosmetic damage.
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I got my first guitar from there. It was blem and had an unoticable thing on the bottom of the fretboard, but it was only 20 bucks off so if 150 is the discount then it seems like it would be something bigger.
I ordered a blem Fender MIM Strat from Music 123 recently for $339. The guitar showed uo with a few minor scratches that I could live with. However, it also had 2 damaged saddles. Took it to my local Fender repair shop and was told that it had a bowed neck and truss rod issues. I just sent it back.

Music 123 did give me $25 in store credit for my trouble. However, I ended up buying a new Fender MIM 60th Anniversary Strat at my local music store. Much easier to deal with a local shop if if there's a problem.
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Much easier to deal with a local shop if if there's a problem.

Bolded for truth. Also, for FM, a blem can be as minor as a little ding, or as major as a screwed up neck pocket (as apparently they had some blem Jackson DK2Ms with mis cut neck pockets they shipped as blems)
scratch and dent just means someone bought it and then later returned it. the majority of the time though the original owner returned it due to shiping damages, which means they can't legally sell it as new. they say on the website that scratch and dent items are still in "playable" condition (which doesn't mean it couldn't have major damage to it). but if you do get it you have 45 days to return it if unsatisfied
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