I have really really crapy recording setup, the only way it could realisticly get worse is if i didn't have a way to record at all, like its hardly better then my cell phones recorder. I have a mediocre desktop use audacity, i go quarter to eight with my guitar and go direct in with my guitar, and the vocals use the cheepest most crappy mic i have every seen. and I use a mother ****ing tamborine for percussion. the latency is really awfull so i cant even get that perfectly on time. anyway thats just the backstory. Im trying to figure out how to get more dynamic sounding vocals on the recording. I don't know if its maybe my recording rig to blame or wheather its a problem with the vocals themselfs. id appreciate advice in whatever the problem is believed to be, although if its the mic im not sure how detailed youd have to get with the answer. OH and im sorry if this was more suitable in the only singing thread, but i believed the question to be more suitable here as it applies to songwriting and recording.
P.s. only small clip off it it as its the only part i rec any vocals for a chopped it off there i like the guitar in the latter parts way better by they arn't the point of this
Sounds like you need a new mic.
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If you can't replace the mic, maybe try backing off from it (space between the mic and you.) It just sounds like a little clipping.
^+1 and maybe buy a metronome? It sounds like the timing is non-existent in the guitar part.
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