Hey I'm from Riverside CA and I'm lookin for any jam partners, potential friends etc.

I like to play all kinds of music, but would be mainly interested in heavy/black/death metal.

whats up i just moved out to redlands CA, i play guitar and bass. I only have my guitar and a couple pedals right now. no amp. i had to sell all my gear to get out here. what kind of bands are you interested in?
hey me and my buds r looking 4 a bassist and a drummer for our band. we live in temecula and we play metal. all kinds except for the power like dragonforce but we can throw in some iced earth. we r sophmores at Great Oak High School so check out my profile and send me a request if interested.
Anyone close to Newport Beach? I'm currently bandless.. Not even a word, but whatever. I play mostly A7X and any other random thing I want to.
Hey, im out in Corona play guitar, learning drums, and am looking to start a heavy/thrash band. Have an ok halfstack, good guitar, and a nice PA.
c'mon anyone out there good drums or bass?? the other members have started some songs and ive got alot of lyrics we just need someone that can help for their instrument and rock out good. look me up please ive needed a bassist and drummer for a while and im not fricken giving up now
im in riverside, but my wokr schedule at fender may not mesh with others. i work 2 to 10:30
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