What do you guys think of this show?

Anyone else think they get the dumbest people in Australia to be contestants?
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We get Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old on Sky.
Since it's presented by Noel Edmonds, I refuse to watch it.
In the UK there's the same programme "Are You Smarter Than A 10yr Old" And yo're right, the contestants are Thick.
its garbage.. and the payoff is way too big for 10 ridiculously simple questions PLUS they pretty much get 3 freebies with the copy, cheat, and ..whatever the other lifeline is called.
Here (Belgium) we've got that show too, and it actually has got about no viewers, I watched it once, and I couldn't watch over 5 minutes of that horrible, horrible show
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yeh, retards abound. the kids are smart though. compared to the contestants anyway. As if they're gunna pick smart people to play the show, they dont wanna give away $500K lol
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I've never even watched it, yet even the ads and its name manages to piss me off
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because they are superior to ours.

yeah they pick stupid people but a few weeks ago they had a primary school teacher on there, and they didnt win the 500K, so the questions are worded differently to what they are to the kids in school. and the kids are like, super genius. one of the kids plays violin, have u ever seen a dumb kid play violin?
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Our's is amazing for the sole fact that Jeff Foxworthy hosts it.
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we got the show too. personally I think it's very degrading towards the kids involved in this.
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yes the people they get are really stupid. I'd say most people would be able to get 90% of questions that they have on the show
Dumb people = good tv

It's true, watch any current affairs. Or Big Brother. Or.. I dunno.. I could cite many shows.

Chaser's ftw.
i think there was some chick that got like $200k...she was school dux and she was hot with big tits....yeh..
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I HATE Noel Edmonds.

I especially hate him on "This box or this box?"
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bodyheatseeker, I will NEVER forgive you.

None of this faff is as good as 'Challenge Ant' used to be on SMTV.
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Here in the U.S. the show sucks, Jeff Foxworthy only tells little kid jokes(Go figure).