I'm new on this forum but...I just can't find the answer anywhere!
so...When will i get warmer tone on stratocaster...when i put pickups
near strings or away from them?
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none of them, just use the neck pickup or neck and middle pickup (you do this by using your pickup selector) and try using the 2 tone knobs do get it warmer
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yeah you wont really get a much warmer tone by changin the pickup height. turn the tone knobs down a bit lower, not too much, or it'll sound muted and pretty bad, just enough to take the edge off the tone. and turn the bass on your amp up a bit.
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Be careful messing with pickup height, too close to the strings will let the magnets mess with your sustain. Too far will reduce the output. That said, moving the pickup a little closer to the string seems to help a little bit. You may just want to raise the bass side of the pickup. Neither of those things are going to give you much more warmth though.
Kozlic, just so you know in the future, raising the pickups closer to the strings will just make them louder, and lowering them decreases volume.
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