I've reccently moved to Nottingham and I'm trying to start a proper band with the intention of getting signed.
I can play bass and guitar, so don't mind which, so I'm looking for anyone who plays guitar or bass, a drummer and a singer.
I am 21. I have nearly 200 gigs experience and have toured all over the UK with my last 2 bands. Now i feel that I am ready to have a decent go at 'making it' so only dedicated people should get in touch!

We would be aiming to play AT LEAST 2 gigs a week.

I have lots of songs already written but I would welcome a song writing partner.

Influences for the band....I'm fairly flexible on this - I grew up listening to pop punk (Rancid, The Offspring, Blink 182 etc) but I also love 80s metal ala Motley Crue, GnR etc.
Basically it should be fast and energetic.

I look forward to some replies!

Email me or message me on myspace

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I would've loved to have helped. It's the frist time I've seen someone else from Notts on here and I eventually want to get into a band or start jamming with other people, but I've only just started learning and well, I'm not good at all.

If you search on UG profiles I know you can look for people on here who live in Nottingham (who have it set as their location, anyway) so maybe you could find someone that way or try and find some ads, I'm not sure if music shops do them around town or you could place advertisements. Good luck finding a band, though

Edit: If you don't mind me asking, where about in Nottingham?
Cheers for the replies guys.

To everyone else - I'm still looking!

p.s. lewis - i live in hockley.
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I'd be up for jammin out a bit of bass, I live pretty close to Notts City Centre,
You got a drummer sorted?


I kind of have a drummer sorted - hes in another band already, but they play indie so he may leave and join my band permanently.

Would you want to be in the band properly or just for a jam? I had a look at your profiles and I'm not sure we'd be compatable with regards to music tastes! have you seen the influences i listed above? i dont think we have a single one the same! lol

But anyway, if you are interested then let me know!
Don't worry dude, I grew up on blink\offspring\pennywise\rancid etc.
I also grew up on **** loads of 70s\80s classic rock and metal, GnR, Led Zep, Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Motley Crue.

Anyway, If you're up for it I was just thinkin of havin a jam for now, see if we're compatible etc. then take it from there.
jimmy i would also love audition for vocals aswel im seeking a band but when i seem to email you i don't get a reply about the other band members if there is something wrong with what i have told you about me then please tell me so i can improve .. cheers Spuddy and i hope you succeed in finding a band if it includes me or not ether way good luck and comment soon


Alright mate?

Still looking for a bassist? I'm 21. Been playnig about 5ish years. Good equipment & own transport. Live just out side of Nottingham.

Main influences are Motley Crue, Mr Big, Aerosmith, Bowie etc.

Drop me a PM if you're still looking. More Details on Request!

hey spuddy from what i can remember you are too young. cheers anyway bro. good luck