Hi all
When playing a set how do you interact with the crowd for example
do you introduce your band, do you tell the crowd each song you are about to play
any tips would be appreaciated
Your singer should be the one that introduces you and interacts with the crowd. If you really want to though you could clap your hands during a part of the song which your not playing, if you catch my drift.
I've found the trick is to keep things rolling. Try to have as little unecessary silence as possible and if there's a gap that's needed for tuning etc. fill it with something interesting rather than just "um, need to tune for the next one, heh".

Things like introducing your band whilst playing an opening for a song before kicking full on into it and talking to the crowd in extended brakdowns can be cool because youre not breaking the flow of the music to talk.

It's just gotta keep rollin.