It wont stay in tune basically ands wont tune properly.

I understand the factors that effect a floyd rose, but y question is...how long will it take me to get the spring tension and the string tension to work ?

Its really starting to bother me now.

anyone have any help or advice and pointers or tips ?
How long have you had it? Sometimes with Floyds the knife edge (the pivot point) will wear down resulting in tuning instability. As far as your question, anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. Its just trial and error until you get it right.
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that's why i hate floyd rose :P
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Ive oned the guitar 2months now, and i brought it brand new.

It hada fret stoned by a luthier the other day. But i got it back, and he messed up the floyd so its a case of me doing it. It was stoned and fixed under warrenty, but the shop is too far away for another trip for me to just have it tuned lol.

So its either i just keep on tuning it and adjusting the springs and the string tensions...or take it to another guy who actually knows floyd rose's
i love and hate floyd rose trems
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It depends, I put a restrung a Jackson from scratch and had it in tune and stable in about half an hour, but I have had a Floyd since 1993...

Chances are best part of an hour to get it all settled if you're not used to them, possibly even longer.
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Yeah, i have read that it can take the best part of an afternoon. Floyd Rose trems are amazing....but when it needs to be set up i hate them. But once its set up....i cn re-string it fine and be stray in tune, as long as i dont change the string gauges.
Basicly its a bitch, you have to get it level then tune it, repeat, repeat and keep repeating untill it stays in tune. That why my nect guitar is going to have a fixed bridge
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Well, after reading up on it, and finding a guide book i brought ages ago...about 1 hour later its in tune...evan when i dump it really harshly it returns back to perfect tune. You only learn things when you have to do it yourself...and theres me earlier on today booking it in to my Local guitar sop to have it set up.
remember to stretch those guitar strings? and it is trial and error but once youve done it mark on the inside cavity where abouts the claw was saves so much time later. also dont change string gauge/tuning
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