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people generally dislike them because they're partially solid state (although that doesn't make them bad instantly) and a marketing scheme.
they may be partially tube, but they sound more like a SS amp. but that doesn't mean they're all bad, a vox valvetronix for example is an excellent amp for the price.

A 50 watt tube amp generally has 6 tubes. A 50 watt hybrid generally has 1 tube. A 50 watt SS has none. Yet hybrid amps are marketed as getting that 'tube sound', when in fact they are more ss than tube, yet they carry a high pricetag. Hybrid is all marketing bull****.

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Yes and no to marketing. A hybrid amp is like putting a tube distortion box in front of a SS amp They arent all bad, they are cheaper and dont need tubes very much. The one I had used 2 12ax7 preamp tubes. It was a hughes and kettner not a bad amp plenty loud to. Solid state amps arent so bad when was the last time you saw a home stereo or car amp with tubes in it. Tubes have made a big resurgence in the last few years. I remember trying to buy tubes for an ampeg I had back in 93. You would have thought I was asking for steam engine. The guy says tubes thats for old farts SS is the way to go, NOBODY buys tubes anymore. But back then tubes hadnt been made in america in 30 years and the only places that did still make them were our enemies. You couldnt get russian or chinese tubes in the early 90s. But now cheap tubes are everywhere so yea tube amps are popular again. Not everybody wants to shell out 1100 bucks for a marshall head. So there are hybrid amps. They will give you that nice tube distortion pedals try to mimic, but with easier and cheaper SS amp section. Dont know if it helps or not.