I'm looking for a good guitar that isaround $500(USD) to replace my crappy harmony guitar and i would like to have a guitar that has a really good tremelo system, and some the bands influences are metallica, tool, KSE, chevelle and other hard rock/metal bands. i'm still a novice guitar player and i looking at the ESP LTD KH-202 or a Ibanez RG370DXGP and i read some good and bad reviews about them, so i'm mixed emtotions between them or if theres a better guitar out there that has what i'm looking for and around the price range, let me know...thanks
thanks man, i'm 100% commited to that guitar, i read the reviews and it has nothin but great reviews
While I love Schecter guitars, that one has a licensed Floyd Rose which may prove to be more trouble than they're worth. If you're buying a guitar with a FR you might as well go with the real thing (the original FR). The licensed ones are notorious for having problems.
Ummm, PRS Standard w/tremolo. May not be your typical metal guitar, but has a fatter sound than the Schecter. But, both of the guitars are really nice.
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If you can find a cheap one in good condition, a Lawsuit Les Paul. Put some hotter pickups in there and you've got yourself a beast. If you don't know about Lawsuit guitars just look for it on Wikipedia.
Shop clearance racks at local Guitar Centers. I got my MIA Highway one strat for 430!