Hey everybody, for a little while now I've been dying to know this little thing that Mark Knopfler does every now and then. He does volume swells without using his volume knob, and I have no clue how he does it. You can hear it in Brothers In Arms every now and then. I'm quite positive he doesn't use a pedal either. Is it just vibratoing without picking, then let the light distortion pick it up? I figure it would be a nifty trick to add to my repertoire. Any insight or advice is highly appreciated.
i also tried to figure that out...

... i was like 80% it's a volume pedal...

well.. i'll ask him at his next show :P
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I thought he uses an ernie ball volume pedal, perhaps youtube him, if he stays at one spot all the time in broter in arms, he prolly uses a pedal (or his volume knobs)
he does use a volume pedal a lot so that is probably it...
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Yep, volume pedal.

I'm not sure I could live wthout mine, I even take it and an extra guitar cable with me if I go sit in with a band. I usually bring my own guitar too, I don't like borrowing one.

While Mark Knopfler is the subject, I stumbled into an interesting article poking around to confirm that he used a volume pedal, which I was pretty sure of. This Page has a couple of good Knopfler interviews, and the one from '92 toward the bottom has some really interesting statements about playing, musicianship, pick versus fingerpicking, guitars and more. Of particular interest are a couple of comments concerning peoples' (and music schools') overemphasizing theory and technical ability and underemphasizing the history of American music and playing what you feel/feeling what you play.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
Just a simple Ernie Ball pedal. It gives you more of a speaking voice, something that approximates a steel guitar. I always wanted that. I can’t sing, so the guitar becomes a voice in many ways. You are not looking at Bonnie Raitt here.

There you go!
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