Below i posted a video of Paul doing some kind of tapping thing on the guitar. I tried to do it, and i found it most effective if you dont actually hit the string to the fret but instead just lightly hit it over the octave. For example, play the 7th fret on the G string, and then reach over and lightly "tap" and quickly release the 19th fret. At least i have been trying it there, no where else does it work better on the string. Well, im open to anything.

He does it a few times from the 1min mark to about 1:05.
isnt that a tapped harmonic? i didnt see the vid btw i only read ur description..
I didnt think twice about that. I just figured if it was Gilbert he would invent his own thing to conquer us all!
it's a tapped harmonic.

it works with all of the natural harmonic positions (5 frets above, 7 etc)

your fretting finger becomes the nut and tapping the string results in a harmonic the same way it would if you did it with an open string.
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he does use Sweet Leaf and Stairway in it though
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if youve ever seen Mattias El Kalundahs list of harmonics that should give you some to work from.

Does any one have any particular tips on how to produce the best harmonics, obiously neck pickup, gain maked, but any other specific techniques?

Use the bridge pickup, not the neck pickup. Turning up the treble might help a bit too. Other than that, you just have to search for the sweet spots.
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Spice Girls.damn Is He On Crack

No, he's God

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