I have a custom taylor t5... it's spruce top and i'm playin through a ibanez troubador for acoustic stuff and i'm tryin to get up money for a new electric amp (which i could use suggestions).. i've been playin acoustic since last october and i'm new to the whole electric guitar thing... i'm wantin to play some hendrix, SRV, and some john mayer... i'm tryin to work on how to get john mayer's tone and what effects i should use... i need help.. i'm learnin gravity right now and i dunno i just don't have the tone... help
Well, all three of them use Strats, which produce that quacky tone.
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Well, if I was in your position, I'd look for a tube amp, preferably a Fender (don't be afraid to look at used stuff), but if not a Fender, something with that vintage clean voicing, so Traynor, Crate Palomino, Peavey Classic 30, something along those lines.
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You'll probably want a Tubescreamer or some overdrive pedal. Other than that, it's hard to piece together all the effects that Mayer uses. He's got an infinite number of amps to draw from as well as effects.
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i agree with dirk, something like a blues junior and a strat is probably your best option- though your best bet is to try your current guitar through that amp- with any luck, that might get you close enough.
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