you see i had 2 fillings today, at 3:00, and as its halloween, i'm off partying. now i was wondering how long should the anestetic last?

also share some stories about dental work
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God this thread sucks. I have not had any dental work recently, and no stories worth sharing.
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I've only recently found out that because I brushed my teeth so hard (and from left-to-right instead of rotating the brush) that I've worn away part of the gum in from of my teeth.

She said it won't grow back and that if I had kept brushing the same way for much longer that my teeth would start getting loose. Moral of the story, brush your teeth right and don't put off going to the dentist for 5 years.
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the anesthetic should wear off in like a half hour, fillings aren't that bad, and no I don't have any good stories. Except for this one time I had just had a wisdom tooth removed and the novocain hadn't worn off yet, and I had to go to the supermarket and I ran into a girl I know. She thought I was drunk because I was slurring my words....but that story is mediocre at best.