Mmkay, so I basically need to write a few heavier riffs so a few of my friends can work on lyrics and crap. Anyway, I want more than a few detuned power chords, so what are some ways to write heavier riffs that sound good, but aren't exclusively power chords, though I don't mind throwing some in. I have written quite a lot in the past but I'm running out of ideas... Any suggestions on what to do?
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scales...specifically Phrygian and Pentatonic if you want heavy, maybe some Diminished or Chromatic scales as well, Melodic/Harmonic Minor (Natural Minor should be used for Pop songs) stuff like that. Mess about with a few notes of the chosen scale until you find a lick/riff that you like, then turn it into a song. Simple as.
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listen to a few bands that have the aspect of "heavy" you wqnt check what techniques they use i.e galloping (triplets palm muted) and go from there