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Godzilla (again)
6 7%
10 12%
2 2%
1 1%
Invented giant sea creature
26 31%
Invented Alien
6 7%
A lion and it's huge
10 12%
Giant Care Bears
9 11%
Dracula, but huge
6 7%
Other (please state)
7 8%
Voters: 83.

Did anybody follow this?
There's wild speculation all over the net, people want to find out what the hell the monster is, where it comes from etc...
Some people think it's a fake movie that's never going to come out, a promo for Lost.
The characters have their own Myspace, supposedly filled with clues on the movie, the official site is just pictures with texts on the other side, there's a bunch of sites made by people from the movie, or companies imagined inside the movie (www.slusho.jp and www.tagruato.jp)

Apparently there's a new trailer coming out on the 16th of November

Wadda you guys think?

Official (and only) trailer
Cloverfield Clues
All official sites (if you have an IMDB account)
One of the many spoofs out there
Official site

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, Cloverfield is the code name for an untitled monster movie produced by JJ Abrams, the guy who brought MI:3, Gladiator, and the TV show Lost.

It's out the 18th of January in the US, 2nd of February in the UK. More dates on Cloverfield Clues.
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I heard some theory about how the monster was created by Slusho or something.

Apparently slush has some kind of micro-organisms in it and they kinda collected underground and formed some huge bitch or something. I don't know, haven't really been following this much.
Now, I never thought of Cthulu, that would be cool, but I don't think it's that.

Godzilla would be great, especially since it's filmed in that "First person camcorder" view.

But I can't be sure. I want to see it, and kinda want to be surprised. I'm just afraid it's going to be a great concept and such, though. =/

Well, considering it's New York now, I might be able to drop Godzilla.

And, yea, the Whale-thing theory looks cool. And, like Archaon said, it was probably accidentally created.

The Tagruato site is about deep sea drilling around Japan, and they're drilling for this miraculous new, healthy ingredient for the Slusho! brand.

So, my theory, seeing the whale and whatnot, is the ingredient causes some sort of disruption in the ecosystem, the whale and it's bacteria are affected, and it attack's America's west coast.

I'm pretty sure that's an obvious theory, but I like it.
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god finally comes to earth in person.
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I bet its a pokemon. A giant pokemon
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Yo I saw a preview for this a few months ago and me and my friends were all "wtf?" and the preview was all "idk, wait and see d00d" and we were all "K, but that's a long time to wait" and the preview was like "chyeah..I know"
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It's a dinosaur!
Where's that confounded bridge?

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Could it possibly a myriad of dead baby jokes and regurgitated 4chan memes?
Wouldn't it be great if it turned out to be the flying monkeys from the Wizard Of Oz?
...and the world sighed in relief
Would be awesome if it is Cthulu, but I doubt it because the trailers don't match the stories, unless Hollywood has once again stole an idea and butchered it into their own little storyline.
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now ive seen that whale thing, i cant think if my own monster.......

I still dont get the explosions though.....
Didn't they already say that it would be an original design?
how do you know it's a monster and not just some terrorist group or something, either way i REALLY want this movie to come out
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Didn't they already say that it would be an original design?

Yes, but most people still try and guess which existing monster it is.

I voted "imagined sea creature" and I can't believe so may people voted Godzilla.
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how do you know it's a monster and not just some terrorist group or something, either way i REALLY want this movie to come out

Because, unless it's a Mega- Terrorist or something, I'm pretty sure people wouldn't be shouting, "It sounds like a lion! It's HUGE!".

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Maybe it is some messed up sequel to Honey I Shrunk the Kids...

Part II?

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It wouldn't be Godzilla. I don't think the Americans would dare make another Godzilla film! Isn't it supposed to be an original monster? Dracula, but huge seems like a good option though!
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I hope it's cthulhu
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It's not godzilla because the studio doesn't have the rights to the name. I hope its that whale guy, but how would he pop out of the statue of liberty? he's way too big.
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I think it's an alien left on earth ages ago (Transformers style) that lives under the statue, and then it's awaken and uses the statue as like.. body armor.
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKjbaB42YFc at 1:17 you can see it in the flames, looks like godzilla or the whale thing.

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First I've ever heard of this.
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Man that's badass.

I think it's manbearpig.
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I hope it's cthulhu


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