Hey, nice try.
To be honest it's not very metal, It's very major and whereas at time that is a good thing, for the whole song its not very metal.
Chorus is kind of a let down, its nice and everything and yeah it's a contrast but I persoanlly prefer BIG chorus'
One thing I will say is that I like how it builds back up to the main riff after the solo.
I was listening to it as a midi playback though so I dunno it might sound better with live instruments and bass and vocals.
Maybe just change it to a minor scale?
Cool though
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yeah i named it metalcore at the time i started writing it cause i was hoping for it to be metal, cause i feel the intro is pretty metal....

whats wrong with the chorus? any suggestions

thanks this is my best song ive done, im working on two more right now....but this is my best
dude try speed it up...listen to parkway drive, as i lay dying, carpathian etc whatever really but it needs more speed
Cheers for the crit..

the song was nice, but yea, speed it up.. and I wouldn't say metalcore.. alot of riffs weren't metal sounding
The song itself was really good, but if you want metalcore, speed it up and make those riffs heavier ^^
thanks, im trying to keep it so that i can play it lol but hmm yeah if i were to make it heavier could i do that by just droping it to b?