Anyone here hard of hearing? Or personally know any musicians that are?

I was just wondering as I have to go the doctor's tomorrow for my ears. My right ear's always been a bit shitty, it's something my dad has too so it must have passed on. Things like I can't hold the phone with my right ear, and recently it's gone pretty bad.
I was thinking I might have tinnitus or something - I keep getting a ringing in my ears especially at night, which kind of builds up and goes really loud for a split second and disorientates me.
I'll be really pissed if I get told to stop using my mp3 or something, but I think I'm gonna start using earmuffs or whatever they're called when I'm playing my guitar.

So basically, I was wondering if anyone here is hard of hearing, and if so how badly it affects you? With playing and stuff? Or like I said in the title if you know anyone else who is. I think I'd end up morbidly depressed if I went deaf, although if that happens I hope it's a long way off yet lol.

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When I was little I used to have gromits to put in my ears, through surgery or something O.o and they incresed my hearing in both ears because I was a little bit deaf O.o but after about Primary 5 (Scotland) I didn't need them anymore, but I still get some ringing in my ears but not often.
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I don't know them personally, but Pete Townshend, Paul Gilbert and Zakk Wylde all do. Now, Paul always wears those "extreme isolation" headphones, and Zakk can't sleep without the TV on.
Cheers people, I knew Townshend has Tinnitus due to a certain Keith Moon, didn't know about Zakk or Gilbert though.

I hope I just need to get 'em syringed or something and don't have to change my habits, like I said.

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I have tinnitus from playing too many shows without adequate hearing protection. As a professional musician it was very irresponsible of me looking back but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I'd seriously recommend anyone who is regulary exposed to loud music to wear protection, your ears are your best asset as a musician and once you've damaged them you can never go back to how it was.