hey guys i have the big muff, and i know its a fuzz but i don't get much fuzz outta it, i do have humbuckers so i dont know if that makes a difference or not, but i wondering what are some good fuzz setting, i usaly keeps mine sustain full and the tone all the way to the left or half way.
that's odd because mine is far too fuzzy for me, i played an epiphone les paul custom through a vox ac15 and it was just unbelieveably fuzzy. what setup do you have?
The Volume control has a huge effect on the fuzz of that pedal. Try sustain and volume pegged, and tone all the way down. (If you can handle that)
yea, if i find a mod for this i'll let you know. I'm thinking of selling mine. The pedal is highly overrated in my opinion.
if you can't have fuzz or your pedal is broken or you're doing something wrong because all it does is fuzz

try something like:
volume: 12 o'clock
tone: 9 o'clock
sustain: 2 o'clock
Hey i was wondering if a big muff/lbm would be good choices for stuff like a solo boost since they have a sustain knob? And from what I hear they can give you a creamier sound with good high end too, but I dunno..