Boring question i know but what would be a good setup for this rig:

DD20 Digitech Giga delay
DNA Analogic Gain Fxxker
RV-5 Digital Reverb
CE-20 Chorus Ensemble
Small Stone EH4800 Phase Shifter
Vox Wah
TU2 Chromatic Tuner
Synth Wah Envelope Filter

the amps an Ashdown Fallen Angel (tube) if that makes ANY difference

thanks in advance! =)
u have the setup... so what else do u need?
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Amp>(Gain Fxxker)>Vox Wah>Synth Wah>Envelope Filter>(Gain Fxxker)>Guitar
FX Send>Chromatic Tuner>Chorus Ensemble>Phase Shifter>Digital Delay>Digital Reverb>FX Return

That's the way I'd do it. The gain pedal is in () because you can put it in either place, and each place effects your tone in a different way, when the wah and distortion are active.

Do you get a lot of noise with that lot? I'd have thought with a pedal set this large you'd have a noise suppression pedal of some sort (Or even two).
if ur amp has an effects loop, then put ur modulation effects(chorus, phaser, envelope filter) thru that jack. Then put ur other effects, starting with ur tuner, wah and distortion/overdrive first. then ur delay and reverb. Maybe put the last two in ur effects loop.
Cheers everyone, i was considering suppression but i dont have all that gear yet! still deciding if the chorus, synth wah and tuner would be overkill or not, what kind of noise gate were you thinking?

EDIT: the reverb and small stone only just been given to me, talk about lucky, my friends disillusion with music in general led him to give up playing =(