Hey i have the chance to pick one of these up for a really good price, its got a floyd rose, HSH pickups, neck-through it looks like, and its in relatively good shape considering its like 1987 i think it was, it plays pretty good, could use some fret dressing, its 80 bucks locally.
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$80? I see them for ~$500 on ebay. Go for it.

Huh? I rarely see the Squiers go over $250. I would get it, but make sure it has a double locking trem.
^I have an ex that had one of these. The body/neck is nice (it is set-neck) but the electronics are poo. Also, the Licensed FR on those is...well, gross. The one I worked on had rusted beyond use, and was wayyyyy to light to be of notable quality. I converted that sucker to a hardtail.

It's a neat guitar to upgrade, I say.