okay so i adjusted the neck on my les paul, giving it some relief. it got rid of the nasty buzz that i had across the seventh fret. but only a couple of weeks later, the buzzing is back, meaning that i have to adjust it again. wat the hell?! is it normal that i have to keep adjusting the truss rod over and over again? any help would be great thanks.
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i think you will have to change the action if you alter the truss rod

like changin the bridge height etc
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if its really a big deal have someone else look at it and decide for you what the deal is. If its a gibson and u still got the warranty i'm sure wherever u got it, hopefully guitar center, willl look at it for free.
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measure the neck angle.

you might need to adjust again, depending on the amount u turned.

the neck tends to settle a while after an adjustment.

yes, a bridge adjustment might work for you. dont know what u tried prior to the last adjustment.


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