Well, spent last week in america visiting Unis and what-not, they are SOOO COOL!!

Anyways, first stop was NY, visited NYU and Columbia and the GC on 14th .

Walked out with a Bad Horsie 2, 2 knew cabels, more Fast Fret, Lemon oil and a big grin.

I really love that pedal and especially how you can alter the contour on contour mode!

It's the only pedal I have and plan to have because it's the only essential to play my kind of music (desert/stoner/rocknroll/some doom) to go with my TT.

To anyone who was thinking of getting this pedal, get it, as long as you don't play cleans

flickr you might
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Congrats on the new gear!
Sounds like you had a great time all around!
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