its the only song up on my profile. Tell me what you think? It might not be your preferred genre. We're rock/pop punk with a bit of emo influences.

Try to keep the hate comments to a minimum. We're only 14.
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The song was pretty cool. I think it was too generic for my taste, but it was good for 14 year olds. I didn't really like the singer, but if he keeps on singing (and learns how to scream properly so he doesn't damage his voice), I think he'll be a good singer.
Overall, its not baddd. Your lead guitarist is playing too much. He would contribute to the song MUCH better if he played a lead riff every once in a while or he played something similar (maybe some octaves?) to your rythym player. I would bring the instruments up more in the mix because you can barely hear them. And as for your singer.....I can tell from experience (i used to sing just like this kid) that he is forcing it. Ask him to sing the star spangled banner. The voice you hear when he does that IS his NATURAL voice. If you keep trying to sing in a high pitched voice you never improve your range. Only when you sing in your normal voice for a while and work on your pitch and breathing (deep breathes are your friend) will he be able to sing the way he wants to.

Seriously though for being like 8th graders or freshman you guys are ahead of the game.
Yeah (I'm the singer) we were thinking of tuning all our guitars a half step down all the time so I don't have to stress my voice. We always right the music before the lyrics so I never really take into consideration that I may have to strain my voice, so we're trying to avoid that.
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thats pretty good dude....im 14 and trying to start up a band....

the 1/2 step down, it may sound a bit weird, but hell dude, go for it.....

the solo needs to be a BIT longer, make the song like 3:12 or sumthing.....it would be pretty cool.....the rythym needs to tone it down at solo 2, you can barely hear it.....

the drums at the beginnig are a little off.......almost like theres no steady beat......

but over all, REALLY good.......

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Very LostProphets sounding, and not in a bad way. The singer needs some work as already said, the guitar was a little flat sounding and the solo needs to be a bit longer (and possibly less repetitive). All of that said, very good recording and definitely above average for a 14 yo band. Good Stuff!

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You guys are 14 lol...that was really good. Im not a huge fan of that genre and it sounded like something Ive allready heard...but like I said what the heck do I know.

The structure of the song is nice a few things to fix here and there....but in the end its stuff you can play live and people will enjoy.

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i really liked the song...the intro was creative which was cool...and i personally liked the singers voice...the only thing i gotta say is it did sound a bit generic but im sure with playing more you guys will develop an original sound and you obviosuly have the talent to do so
Considering your only 14 this is pretty impressive. You guys clear have an ear for melody and structure which is good. I used to play stuff like that about 4 years ago so no hating from me. Your voice is a little whiny but the 1/2 step down is a good idea (my band do it) it protects your voice a great deal.

You guys have yeas ahead of you and have great talent for your age. Just keep writing it can only get better

overall 7/10

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well i must say i am impressed. i like the intro with the samples and the clean guitar with little cymbal bits inbetween, whereas it is quite typical of the genre it still sounds good, i like the drums and the overall feel of the song, sometimes it isnt perfectly in time but you have plenty time to get tight. just heard the vocoder, nicely done with that. ciriticism are; the background hiss, the left guitar gets a bit lost at times fix the EQ on that, snare sounds dry, a small amount of reverb maybe? the vocals are definately strained but you know that, record again half a step down and i think you would be much more comfortable and as a result give a better vocal performance. overall i really like this track, there are a lot of good ideas in it. keep it up!
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hey, i'm in an indie/folk band, were 13 and 14 and have been playing togethor for about a year


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The song was pretty cool. I think it was too generic for my taste, but it was good for 14 year olds. I didn't really like the singer, but if he keeps on singing (and learns how to scream properly so he doesn't damage his voice), I think he'll be a good singer.
i just turned 14 and have been in a band for about a year myspace.com/watch4traces here it is check us out