As a future project, my dad and I are thinking about buying a cheap guitar and putting in a new neck, pickups, bridge, the usual stuff. The only problem is that I don't know what to get. I assume that all you need is a guitar that is made from a good quality wood, since the neck and pickups and all that stuff, can be taken out.
So I was thinking, would a Squier '51 be good for a customizing project? I've heard they are great for that kinda stuff. What about a fender MIM tele off of ebay? I want something cheap, that I can turn into a great guitar.
What about websites like warmoth.com? Of course, they are more expensive, but are they worth it?
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The amount you pay usually reflects the final product you get.
(some) Squiers are good for modding because they have a decent quality body, not such a good quality neck, you would have to change the neck, the hardware and the electronics.
MIM Fenders are really good for modding because they have a good quality body and neck so you only have to change the hardware and electronics.
Warmoth.com is good because it lets you choose all the specs you want on your guitar and they send you everything ready to be installed and perfectly matching parts, but they are indeed more expensive.

Its your decision based on how much work-time/money you want to spend.

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Squiers '51s are great for modding, but discontinued. If you could find one on ebay or craigslist or something, that'd be great. Another choice are the SX copies from rondomusic.net. They're great for modding also. They also come in pretty colors ..
Lots of ppl have done Squier '51s. theres a whole site on it, but i dont kno what it is right now. but it shows u how to make ur own pickguard and how to wire pickups and alot more. But '51s are good b/c u have a HB and a single, and a coil tap. And the bodies and necks on em are good, as well as the hardware. MIMs are good, b/c they have great bodies and necks, and pickups sometimes too. And theres alot more parts for MIMs than there are Squiers. Most necks made for Fenders dont fit Squiers, i dont think. But i kno the screws on pickguards dont fit Squiers too well. Id go with a MIM if u have enuff money. Otherwise, Squier affinitys have good bodies, better than the standard Squiers actually.