hey peeps

just wonderin, wat was ur second geetar and wat was it was it any good, how much was it

thanking you muchly

It's spelled guitar.

My second guitar is in the shop... I did play on my dad's epiphone for about a year before I bought my own. I'm thinkin' of buying a new one soon.
My second guitar was a Fender Telecaster.
Yes it is very good, I still use it as my main choice, and it was a good amount of money.
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electric guitar forum, methinks.

who said it had to be an electric?

mine was a Schecter C-1 Elite. i think it was around $600 and i love it
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My second (electric) is an American Strat ($1000). My second guitar all around was a crappy Squier fender model.
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Alter Bridge, maybe?
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Ibanez Iceman IC200
I got it for $250
It kicks ass.
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ibanez S520EX

love it
Ibanez RG770DX Reissue

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