I am looking for strings similar in size to Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Ernie balls. But I really dislike the .17 string(g). So I am wondering is anyone plays something like 10-13-16-30-42-52 or close to that, and what are they. Thanks.
browse GAK.co.uk maybe?

but kudos for not spamming up the pit, so many others would

Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
he lives in the united states though
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I'd prefer to have them in a set, unless you can buy a pack of all 6 strings seperate and if I can I'll do that.
That's what a quick search revealed for me. Buy a couple of 'em...store the extras in a ziploc bag or something, to preserve their freshness, and you'll have quite a few packs on hand.

What's wrong with a 17, anyway?