Hey guys.. Ive got a few new songs up on my myspace, figured I would post a thread for Memory Exercise, my most recent one. Not too long of a song... I do all instruments and vocals. Will crit your work if you crit mine. Coming out with a new demo soon, this song will be on it


lyrics are a bit literal compared to my usual style, but nontheless here they are,

the gentle ebb and flow
serene pool waves from human intervention
these escapist ventures that we know
and cherish as our precious interaction
of family and friends
an experience unforgotten in the end

the concept of time was undefined
more centric on moment than wide view
a child's adventure through time and space
what a place to grow and be raised
the one tenuous hold on sane reality
so far from turmoil and abnormality
this one remaining psychological grip
is due to the opportunity of these trips

the simple tide of the pool
so far from what I knew at home
where discontent and conflict rule
a status quo id like to roam
far away from

yet, in these days and nights
far away from screams and fights
I find a comfort in this place
this sanctuary and its distance
especially its distance.
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