I could use your opinion on this one:

Basically, I am unable to fret with my left hand due to severe pain and stiffness in the wrist and around the knuckles. It's been like this for 7 months and I've been to two doctors both claiming that nothings wrong, just overuse.
The cause of everything is I was doing trills while being very tensed.

The pain has come and gone during these long months so a while ago I ordered a FX-400 from Thomann. It's been out of stock and still is though. I ordered three months ago.
I figured I was too optimistic regarding my hand since it isn't feeling much better so now I'm thinking of buying a left-handed instead but I need advice.

I've come down to three options (feel free to add):

1. Cancel the purchase of the FX and buy a left-handed as I said, I'm looking at the Ibanez RG370DX or SA260.
I play mostly metal but a versatile guitar would be nice.

2. Wait for the FX, then wait longer till left hand is okey (probably months, if ever). Meanwhile play lefty on my classical guitar which I have been doing for four weeks now.

3. Buy a cheap left-handed (Cort X-2) and the FX and play lefty until fretting hand is recovered and then concentrate on right but occasionally play left-handed on a 270$ guitar.

Although I think the hand and fingers are slowly recovering as long as i don't fret with the hand I'm not sure as to buy a guitar I won't be able to play.
It's weird I can play piano and type on a keyboard with no pain but as much as touching the strings lightly hurts like hell.

I guess that in that period of time it would take to recover I could get as good playing left-handed.

People are telling me that going left-handed is a bad idea but what is it to lose? I've only been playing for a year (a year and seven months) and it will surely take months and months to fully recover anyway.

I'm making this my biggest decision ever lolz

I hope this unstructured nonsense makes sense.
Well. It's your decision. In that many months, I think you will probably get alot badder at playing, and left hand could be your choice. If you choose to, you could even play both right and left hand. I dont know.

I think I would buy left handed, considering you already played left hand..But I'm just me.
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See better doctors. I think you have either tendinitis or arthritis.

Although in my case it was well over a year before severe pain in my left wrist went away from having it twisted so far around.

edit: and by "see better doctors" I mean see doctors who specialize in the hand.
er maybe you have carpel tunnel or something (if thats what its called)
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I think it would be best if you took a break :p
If you were really desperate to play guitar.. I'd take it really easy and make absolutely sure there is no tension at all in your playing. You shouldn't get carpel tunnel if your playing is relaxed.
Why don't you flip and re-string your righty and see what happens after a few months of that? Save the money then.