OK, what I'm talking about is do any of you guys build plastic models ( planes, cars, tanks, etc. ) It kinda sucks for me because I have to split my money between models and guitar.
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I used to be when I was a teenager. The biggest thing I ever built was a 36" fully-rigged replica of the Cutty Sark. I also did a 30" fully-rigged replica of the Confederate blockade runner Alabama.
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Warhammer my extent of modelling
Fully painted 2000 point Nurgle army

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I have a few Warhammer figures, not done much with them though Not even free time for proper modelling, which is a shame cos you can get some awesome figures.
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I had a handful of tanks. 1/35 scale. Mostly USSR's, one german.

Good times. I still have them, just that when we moved, I packed them up and never got them out. Perhaps I should. I mean, I gotta put SOMETHING on my bookshelves.

EDIT: Just remembered! I have 2 german tanks. I have a Sturmtiger!

It's the chode of armoured vehicles.
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I like to relax over the holidays and make a plastic aeroplane or two.

At the moment I've got a half done McDonnell Douglas Phantom sitting next to a complete EE Lightning which like pwns everything I've done before it. I'm 60's fighter jet daft!!

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