I have six Pedals and I wanted to know where does the Equalizer Usually Go

Im thinking usually first but then does all the pedals after that unequalize it?

Im really only gonna use it as a boost during solos and stuff if that makes a difference.

NEone know, or could refer me to spec you've seen
yeah I would figure it would go first but the best way to figure out is trial and error, see how it sounds at both ends and stick with what you like
Well if its just as a boost probably right before or right after the distortion, but id put it at the end if its staying on to add the treble that gets lost witht he other pedals.
The thing about having alot of pedals is, some aren't true bypass, and this can effect your tone if a few of them are, right?
Yeah, but i think wahs take most of your tone, distortion pedals dont make a huge difference. i got my grapphic eq because my wah and me50 stole all of my treble(my amp didnt have heaps to begin with).

And it doesnt matter where you put it to boost for a solo because it will just be making it louder and if you keep the eq flat but maybe add a bit of mids to make your solos really be heard it could be anywhere i reckon.