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Hey I'm looking for some easy guitar solos. I've only been playing for about 10 or so months so I want something simple but still sounds like a powerful solo.
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Fade to Black Beginning solo
Welcome Home(Sanitarium) Beginning solo
Am I Evil solo bit in the beginning.
Master of Puppets First Solo
Orion Solo

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Fade to Black Beginning solo
i wouldnt try that one yet it got a tricky lick in the middle, you shook me all night long is an easy 1
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Solo in Lip Gloss and Black by Atreyu. Really not hard, but if u cant play that fast, itll teach u a bit of discipline and help ur speed a bit. And maybe the solo in No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age. If u can do triple pull-offs, u should be set. Some new Chili Peppers has some easy but cool sounding solos.
Pretty much any Black Sabbath song. Also, the interlude solos from Sweet Child 'o Mine...I think the ones on Knockin on Heaven's Door are pretty easy, but I don't remember them perfectly.
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hotel california solo
Ive been playing for 7 months and i can play it
BUT divide it and learn bit by bit and master every part before you move onto another
The first Master of Puppets one is a great one to learn. There's also the solo to Punk Rock Song, which can be learnt and played at probably 75% speed at the 10 month mark. Depends how good you are, really.
pretty much anything by Dream Theater

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Fade to Black Beginning solo

i wouldnt try that one yet it got a tricky lick in the middle, you shook me all night long is an easy 1

Try Fade to Black intro solo it's awsome! I've only been playing for 2 1/2 months and I can do it all right
Freebird is easy if your fingers don't get tired easy, you're good with bends, and can remember what parts go where.
fall back down by rancid. amazing sounding, super simple.

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nirvana songs

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i mean what's the use of a solo when it goes only 2 notes?
Green day has solos ?

Smells like teen spirit... hmmm there's probably a few metallica songs that is simple...Ive been playing for 5 months now and i can do some but try not to get carried away into the complicated stuff... just the easy solos.. its good to push yourself but dont fall over the cliff
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Not exactly easy, plankermaxx

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Do thats my fav. easy solo
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Do thats my fav. easy solo

I dunno the sweeping section threw me off for a bit, so did the string skipping at 100 playing 32nd notes.

What songs do you like? Just trying to learn what someone suggests isn't really helpful if you don't feel it.
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A good fun solo to learn is 3's and 7's by QOTSA. When It first came out, it took me a little bit to learn, but it was worth it, I warm up with it everytime and its a blast to play.
best of you-foo fighters. although its not too easy on acoustic as it goes too high up the fretboard so if you have small hands (like me) its difficult.
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pretty much anything by Dream Theater

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the solo from embody the invisible by in flames, I've been playing just as long as you and I found it pretty easy to play, it fact, it's the best solo I can play. It's good for bends, alternate picking, vibrato and palm muting, it has it all.
Edguy solos usually.
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