Are they any good?

Can i expect the same sustain I'd get with a neck through, or is it alot worse, or almost as good?

I hear the Edge III bridges go out of tune, is this true?

Are the ZR bridges alot better?
ZRs are much better than an Edge 3, maybe better than Edge Pros in some case. ZR bridges have a really cool feature. look on the Ibanez site.

And Wizard II just refers to the profile of the neck. Ibanez has some of the absolute thinnest necks made. Again, look on the site about that.
I've heard the same about the Edge IIIs.

Apparently, ZRs are a lot better.

As for sustain, the sustain would probably be a lot worse than a neck-thru. Thin bolt on necks, and mediocre tremolos aren't the best for sustain.
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Thank you =)

Also, compared to a Floyd Rose, where does the ZR tremmelo stand?
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the ZR is perhaps the best floating trem out there for ease of use

sustain on floating trems will always be worse than fixed bridges as there is less body wood and the strings are not on the body or through it.

Im sure some wizard necks by ibanez are neck-thru
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ZRs are not better or worse then an OFR. ITs subjective. I would imagine they're harder to work on and take out of the body though, plus parts are scarce for them. Feel wise, they're more like a Kahler then a Floyd.
don't know if i'm too late,but try the s470,its extremely versatile. I'm getting one,but most of all,it has a ZR trem,which allows you not to tune the guitar for a month or so...but its all up to you,try them out.The s series consists of extreme thin bodies which are dam light,allowing you comfort when playing on stage,and wizard necks for shredding and sweep picking...but out of all the s guitars,i personally like the s470 most,check out the reviews for the s470 if you are interested.but please try them out yourself,our comments may not be what you want
i believe that the ZR is better than the edge III, but if the edge III is setup properly it will work very good
I've got a wizard II, holy freaking crap.

Thin, smooth, mine tends to gunk up near the headstock and towards the body but not much, most of the neck I actually play on stays clean and smooth. Never have I ever been dissatisfied with an Ibanez neck of any sort.
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