I'm toen between the three. I am a digital delay man after purchasing my DMM. So with that, which would be a really good digital delay pedal out of these? If I missed a good one, let me know, but these are the ones I'm considering. WoRd.

: I'm looking for a good loop effect, and a nice reverse echo also. Just throwing that in.
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If you ask me, the Line 6 DD-4 Delay Modeller is the best of 'em all.

Gots all the trinkets as well as the fundamentals, plus true bypass.
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The only pedal i kno of is the Danelectro one, and u may wanna try it out before u buy it. Between them tho, the Line 6 or the MM with Hazarai, as they both have things u can play around with.
Since im a proud owner of the Boss DD-6 i command you to go for it .
The possibilities are endless.

I can even make techno music with it .
the dl-4 can do everything a dd-6 and dd-20 can plus more and wayyy more user friendly than the dd-20. the DL-4 is pretty much the ultimate delay pedal.
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way warmer than the STERILE BOSS pile of crap.
everything you need+great tone with the capabilities only a digital can give you.
^ I agree, i played it and it was great, but I've heard people have had reliability issues. Your call.
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I have no reliability issues.

although if you unplug the cable while its activated, you need to unplug it from the adapter/daisy chain because it freezes up or something. not sure if they all do this, and it only happens when its turned on and you use an adapter
If you're willing to wait, I would get the Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai, I've been itching to play with one for quite a while now. They look amazing.

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