Well, I'm considering on buying an Epiphone SG. Why Epiphone? Because I don't have the money to buy a Gibson. But I've heard so many complaints and jokes about Epiphone, and their SG's. Why? Maybe It's because I've only been playing for about 10 months, but still. I played one at my local store and thought it was great. I've heard rumors about tuning problems but I'm not that much of a lazy ass to complain about that.

Now, I don't play in a band, or to show off in front of people. I play just to play, is an Epiphone SG really that bad? And if you'd be so kind, and are a die hard anti-Epiphone/SG then recommend another guitar that isnt Fender or Ibanez, just because my local guitar store doesnt have them. Or a LP, because I just plain don't like them.
I have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, and im very pleased with it. I havnt played the Epiphone Sg but if I was to get one id look and get a standard. I think it would probably have Grover tuners on it, my LP does and I dont have any tuning problems. In my opinion my Epi LP is of better quality than the Mexican Fenders.
it depend if its a lower end epiphone or a higher end personally i have a 600$ epiphone les paul and i love it but the 160$ les paul really sucks
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If u play metal, nothing is better for metal shape-wise as an ESP Viper. I dont think that an Epi G-400 Faded or Deluxe isnt too bad, and all u need to fix the tuning issues is a new set of tuners, a relatively inexpensive fix.
See, one of my questions. What do you define as "suck". I have a screwed up sense of hearing, so I can almost never tell the difference. D:
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See, one of my questions. What do you define as "suck". I have a screwed up sense of hearing, so I can almost never tell the difference. D:

Even if you cant hear it, you could definatley feel the difference.

Its kindve like this cheaper one

Versus this better one
Here is the deal with Epiphone guitars. I have bought and played many of them, mostly les pauls and sg's. Well they sound and play great forever, but they fall apart after 7 months. I purchased a les paul ultra a year ago and the wiring is all ****ed to ****. In other words, the pickups are cutting in an out. Reccomending a decent guitar to you is hard as well because if your store doesn't carry Fender or Ibanez then it wont cary anything decent that is cheap.
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If you know how to properly set up a guitar, then you'll be fine. Because you will need to set it up a lot. I have an SG Special and i have to set it up about every month because all of the adjustments keep coming undone. It's kind of a pain in the ass, but if you do it the guitar doesn't sound all too bad.
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as long as you get a higher end Epi there fine, and unless they have Gibson pickups in them, some do, do a pickup change
my friend has a epi les paul and plays like a beast i wouldnt worry
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If you get one get the G-400. Mine has no issues, tuning is perfect never goes out. Sounds great. Great feel and a decent price.
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If you can, stretch your budget for the SG with the tremolo

EDIT oh, it appears they don't do that any more. Oops
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I recommend trying the Epi Tony Iommi signature SG, it's quite similar, except u gt grover tuners and gibson humbuckers.
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My first guitar was a G400, and it was alright. Nothing special, pretty poor electronics and pickups, but the neck was comfortable enough.

I'd suggest getting a Samick TR1 or TR2 instead.

Better guitar pretty much across the board; even has a better weight distribution and balance so the headstock doesn't tip.
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