hey guys just wondering what you guys think is a better quality les paul.

agile vs. epiphone

i've heard mixed opinions, would like opinions from someone whos tried both, reason is because im looking for a nice LP in the 400-500$ range :-) thanks bunches guys
id go with agiles, theyr cheaper and ive heard they better
id kill for the al2500 with emgs
I personally think that Agile guitars are awesome for the money and can outdo and Epi any day, unless you're a purist
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in the Price-Quality ratio, id say Agiles have the upper hand. But personally, i like Epis a little more than Agiles. If an Epi LP had a bit more powerful Humbuckers, id definately buy one.
epiphone is the brother company of gibson so probably epi's but im not too sure, i doubt they'd be that much different
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I dont know which is better, I would think its just preference, but I think agiles look ugly...
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id go with agiles, theyr cheaper and ive heard they better
id kill for the al2500 with emgs

I wouldn't! It's only 300 dollars!
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well if ur going for one that is around 500 bucks then go for the agile 4000 with either emg's or seymour duncans easy choice. and the reason that agiles are cheap is because A.made in korea but so is epiphone B.small company C.costs less money to put agile on a headstock then it does to put epiphone.

id go with the agiles much better quality IMO
In that price range, I'd go for a Michael Kelly Patriot over either.
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It is cheap because you buy directly from the manufacturer rather than retailers. That's why agile doesn't have stores or is sold in any stores.

Retailers usually sell guitars at twice the price as they get the guitars for.

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Neither, go with a Samick Avion. Well, I believe the name's Greg Bennet right now. It outperforms any epi, and the best part is that it comes stock with Duncan's....
Most Epis are inferior to smaller name competition of MIK guitars. AL-3000s are very nice for the spec and probably outclass all MIK Epiphones. I have an older AL-4000 without Duncans and it is a very classy guitar.

Most guitars from Korea are made only by a few different companies, but to differing quality specs (like Saein, Samick, Cort, Un-Sung). Epiphones might be made by more than one manufacturer though.