this is the first song i've written that isn't tech death metal. i gave vocals a shot, i know they suck. theres a short little cute solo in it that i kinda like.


its the one called "newest"

like i said i'll crit for crit, thank you
thats pretty good.
i really like it.

good song construction.

and the singing isnt bad! just needs to be touched up in some places.

if you spend a month with a good vocal trainer that understands the style you want, you could be a great vocalist.
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Not Bad,

Constructive Criticism:
- Work on Sound and Clearness of Guitar
- Yea like You Said xD Singing Needs Work

But Overall, I Rate This ...


__Scoring Sale__
1 : Quit Guitar
2: You Deserved to Be Slapped
3: Ears Bleeding o_o
4: Eh, I Like The Name xD
5: Average
6: Little Above Average, But Still Work On Things
7: Good Job, Needs Tweaking
8: GREAT! Just Some Fine Tuning
9: Nice, *Claps For You* *Stand Up and Claps*
10: .....(too good for words)..... xD
I love the guitar and melodies... the singing tho does need to be worked on... its flat, try not to try so hard to hit the notes, you obviously have a lot of talent with guitar so try and mimic the pitch you want to sing...

If you can't maybe have somone else sing...

The guitar is great tho seirously LOVE it. keep it up