At the moment im trying to play a song but im seem to be having problems with the strumming.

When i play a song it sounds like theres noise coming out of the guitar instead of music so ive come to the conclusion that it must be the strumming. (unless anyone can think of other reasons)

The guitar is proberly tuned and everything so its not that.

One problem with strumming is holding the pick. Do u hold it really tight so that if u strum the guitar it wont move a bit in your hand but will stay completly tight? When its not tight enough it feels like its going to fall out. When its too tight it feels like the strings are gonna rip. So what do i do??

Also when u strum do u have to hold your pick horizontal straight or does it have to have a slight bend?
Last problem (i hope ) is that when i strumm up it sounds different from when i strum down; it feels as though im not hitting the bottom string when i strum up, as hard as i would hit it when i strum down to hit the top string. Any ways to fix this?
ok, first of all, do not hold the pick so tight. it creates tension, which will only make more advanced playing more difficult. second of all, it does not matter how you hold it, as in the angle. whatever gives you the sound and attack that you want. lastly, strumming up is going to sound different from down strumming. the notes are played in a different order. it shouldnt be a problem, because thats the way it is.

but seriously, what song are you trying to play that you're having problems with?
wonderwall by oasis. Any tips on that?

But it doesnt seem to be the song im playing thats the problem cuz it sounds bad with all songs i play
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