alright. since i bought a crappy neck for my first build, the neck is terrible and warped and has a crappy fret job. what im gonna do is, make a new maple neck with a maple fretboard and a hard to do inlay job. problem is, i dont know what to do for the inlays.
so... does anyone have any ideas for inlays that would go good on a maple neck attached to a surf green strat.

all ideas will be considered and appreciated
most surf green strats have rosewood fretboards. maybe u could do oversized dots. or, if ur feeling adventurous, black surfboard profiles. or black numbers or roman numerals.
your right about the rosewood i guess. but im thinking more about custom inlays, cut by me from blanks and inlayed by me

That's a design I made for myself... I want to get a custom guitar done sometime... So I figured I would bring together a couple of my loves... Guitars and Pitbulls. Roxy is my dog's name, shall be the name of the guitar too.
Quote by stuartstratford
custom les ual stile or crown or the fret number in roman nume

wow thats wierd... i had that exact same idea... but i thought it'd look too goofy
Roman numeral inlays don't look weird if that is what you were thinking. They look rather kickass actually.