Im have a friend that just bought a drumset.

he has a little experience but not much.

im looking for a new drummer in my band, but im still having trouble fining one.

how long do you think it would take for him to get up to par for my band


i know people learn at different speeds, but on average....
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and Not very long because theres nothing really difficult I heard drumwise, if he knows basics give him a month and he should be up to par, but in my opinion and would try to mix up the drums alot more cause I didnt hear any field or anything moderately complex
Not to demean good drummers, but you don't need to be great to get by in the typical rock band. As long as he has good time and doesn't skip counts and stuff he should be fine in a few months.
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I've played drums for several years and still play it as my main instrument. It's not hard to play rock beat 101 stuff like Kiss and The Beatles. Just make sure you learn timing (w/ metronome) and how to count and keep a beat in 4/4 time at least. But if you want to spice up the song a bit you're gonna need to do fills on the drums, which can throw off your timing if you're not skilled. If you've ever heard Raymond Herrera from Fear Factory you'll understand that good drumming can sometimes make or break a song.
ive been playing since i was like 6 and im the drummer in my band...you cant have someone who just started, unless he's ginger baker there's just no way (ginger baker played for the first time on an actual set when he was 15 and then he joined a band)...you're gonna absolutely have to go with someone more experienced, there's no way you can pick up drums just like that, look for another drummer fer sure
Get him a metronome and MAKE him play along with it for a couple of hours a day. After a month or two he should be able to play your songs. You'll have to force him to practice though.
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great songs, don't know about the drumming though.
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Depends what kind of sense of rhythm this guy already has. If the kid is brand new to music, chances are it could be a while, but an experienced musician with a good sense of rhythm and coordination could pick up on basic drumming relatively quickly. It's the technique that will take the most time.
It depends on how much he practices and how good he is at music. I've been teaching myself drums but I never play them so I'm not very good.

You're songs are promising
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