any1 got it? im pretty sure im getting it, my pointer finger gets a little numb after playing for a bit. This is from the years of computer games and 4 months of guitar :/
no you're probably just sore. Been playin 5-6 years , no chance of carpal tunnel..
and the years of computer games might be the problem, but I would guess you're just sore
'Dude! Quickly! Put your hand through'
'I'm not doing it, you know I have Carpal tunnel'
I started to get it a few months ago. It's like a pain inside your wrist. I don't think it has much to do with your fingers.
yes, you have carpal tunnel (I had the little brother of carpal tunnel, ulnar tunnel. so I'm a bit knowledged on the subject

numbness is one of the primary signs, coupled with pain in the wrists
My advice in this case is to see a doctor and maybe a physiotherapist as well. If it is a newish thing then you should minimise any new damage by getting some medical advice.

Take it from me- you do NOT want any wrist problem as bad as mine.......I have RSI and it can cripple me and stop me from playing, all because I ignored the pain.
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I'm digging my own grave then..
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