Here's the deal. I am stuck between the Hellraiser and Classic (Schecter C-1 series). I play metal mostly. But I plan on starting jazz, blues and neo-classical soon. I know the Classic is best for the latter 3, but I play metal first and foremost.

So, unless I can't get a decent metal tone from the classic, I'm probably going for it over the Hellraiser.

My question: Can I get a good metal tone from the classic without having to change p-ups?

And yes, I know I need a new amp. Don't bother mentioning that.
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i love the hellraiser. roll off the tone a little and the neck EMG can do ok with cleans. dont use the 81 for cleans though. that just doesnt work.
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well first you need to go play the guitars. one has emg's and the other has seymour duncans. i actually played a jackson with emgs, then one with sd's and liked the sd's better for metal. i guess i just have different tastes than some people. basically what im saying is that you might like the classic better for metal than you think. and it is way more versatile.
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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I've never played the hellraiser but i do own the classic. i guess it depends what kind of metal tone you're looking for; according to the seymour duncan site dave mustaine plays a JB so that says something... but yeah i find myself playing a bit of lamb of god, it'd be best to try em both out if you could.