I just started to change my guitar strings... for the last year I've only changed them 3 times and my friend did it... He isn't available so I need help.

I got the strings on.... THIS IS A FENDER STANDARD STRAT...

The tremelo is way off the body of the of the guitar and I can't get the guitar in tune. I need the tremelo on the body of the guitar can someone please help....
Hi, this is what happened
you are most likely using a Floyd rose, and things work real different.
What has happened is that your current new strings are putting to much tension on your bridge, making your springs inside your body to exceed the max. pulling. this makes your bridge come up and makes it impossible to tune in, you'll end up breaking strings rapidly and in the end your bridge will just be as broken as your moneybag.

Now, I suggest you remove your current strings immediately, and take your old strings to the store. Ask them what size they are, and never change from that size.
The store however can make that size work on your guitar, but I'm no pro on that either.
Just remain there, or ask them to switch to it.

*note that most Floyd Rose guitars have .09 strings installed on them.

I had the same problem. and waited to damn long. Had to install a new Floyd Rose and damn, those things cost money. please also request the store to fully check your bridge.
I hope it is just those springs man....
1. it's not a floyd
2. the bridge just needs to be leveled.

just tighten the screws in the trem cavity.

on the left. you might need to add a spring too.

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It's not a Floyd Rose.... I only have 3 springs so maybe that is the problem... I turned the springs and got the tremelo back down on the body of the guitar with very little room to spare in the cavity.

However, i tuned it and the tremelo came right back up....

I am using 11's for the first time so could this be the problem, as it is a new gauge i a using.