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The Todd
35 45%
35 45%
Michael Scott
7 9%
Voters: 77.
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The Todd (Scrubs)

The Best Of The Todd

Quote by The Todd
Do you think gay dudes get turned on by their own wieners?
Quote by The Todd
They're doing a breast reduction in room 303, and I wanna get up there and try and stop it. You know what I'm talkin' about! *high five*

Quagmire (Family Guy)

The Best Of Quagmire

Quote by Quagmire
So which one of you wants to lose your virginity?

Michael Scott (The Office)

The Best Of Michael Scott

Quote by Michael Scott
Quote by Jim Halpert
Wow, that is really hard.
That's what she said.

Please vote.
Probably The Todd, I see Quagmire as more of a sex-offender, than a sexist.

Micheal Scott is the man. I love Steve Carrel and I love both versions of The Office.
My vote goes to The Todd.
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Where's Kankuro? I don't see him up there.


I'm going for the todd, though he seems more mentally retarded than sexist. How he made surgeon I'll never know...
who else but quagmire?
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I vote Todd Packer from The Office.

Also, why is it that all guys on TV named Todd are severely screwed up in some way or another?
my choice is between scrubs, family guy, and the office?


they're all pretty funny, but i seriously feel like i should go play some hackey-sack on the quad with my frat bros then listen to Steve and Chad play some Christian Acoustic songs...
between the todd and quagmire

although the todd's a sexist pig whilst quagmire's more of a 'pervert' so my vote goes with the todd *High-Five!*
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The Steve Carrell quote is a thing from Wayne's World. Id go with Quagmire tho.
hes quagmire quagmire, you never really know what hes gonna do next, hes quagmire quagmire,gig gig giggity lets have sex!
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Well Quagmire is just a sex offender but i don't watch the other programs.
The Todd will win!
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This man deserves my +1


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Quote by Mechanixx
hes quagmire quagmire, you never really know what hes gonna do next, hes quagmire quagmire,gig gig giggity lets have cake

If that was the song it would be hysterical.


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Yup, Kankuro gets my vote.

Wait... What?
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The Todd. Hands down.
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