Ok so i downloaded i-doser the other day...

first off....i tried the one called Trip...didnt really have any major effect, though when i lcosed my eyes there were some weird colours...

second off, is there any thatpeople would reccomend me?

and third off lol...my freind seems to think this is just as bad as doing drugs. discuss.
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btw dxm and acid are the ones i tried, haven't done them the full way witch is why i didn't get anything..

and its the woosy way of doing drugs, tell yout friend that.
You're supposed to be completely relaxed and just focusing on the sound when you do it. Sure, it's not gonna trip you the fuck out like DMT or shrooms will IRL, but it gives you that feeling that you're on the drug.
my friend Dan listens to i-doser in the dark led on his bed, and everytime it works...so if you awnt it to work properly lsiten to it in those conditions
yeah uve got to really concentrate on it. If you cant be arsed to wait try a quick one like nitrous, its fun and it demonstrates wat i-doser can do.
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yeah uve got to really concentrate on it. If you cant be arsed to wait try a quick one like nitrous, its fun and it demonstrates wat i-doser can do.

i downloaded the pack with all of them but nitrous dosen't work. were can i download it? all the ones taht work are like 30min and up, and ughh.. it gets anoying after 10...
ya i think part of the problem was that i only had little ear bud headphones...im trying again tomorrow will stereo headphones
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Spam much?

I-doser doesn't work. Whatever anyone claims is all placebo effect.
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I'm really scared of a screamer in those things

same here, the inhalant one isn't a screamer, but it gets really loud really fast in one part aparantly and i read that someone threw their headphones at the wall and ran off crying, he said it sounded like demonic screamings or something like that, and he sounded all mentally scared..

I downloaded a pack of all of the "Drugs". I tried the best one, cant remember what it was called, some pretentious name like Eye of God, or something. It didnt work.
why do that when we can have real drugs?

i actually am curious. maybe ill download it.

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Some kid at school was talking about it. He said the "cocaine" made him start hiccuping and his fingertips tingled a little bit.

Yeah, I'm sure that's exactly what real cocaine is like. Nice program, f**kheads.
I would download hand of god if your looking for an effect. But don't pay for it, it's $200.
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Quik Happy is nice and short. It dialated my pupils when I did it.
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I-doser doesn't work. Whatever anyone claims is all placebo effect.

Look, instead of saying exactly what every other moron that just learned about what a placebo effect is, why don't you take the time and read up on the science involved in the program?


It's real. If you're not a moron, you'll be able to feel at the very least some stimulation or alteration. It isn't meant to be severe. Some of them work, others are just "trippy" sounds that people made because they felt an effect from it. The latter are placebo effects, the former are built around the science of binaural beats.

Stop ****ing saying **** like "LOL PLACEBO NUB GG"
You're not intelligent, and no one ****ing cares. We've heard it a billion times before, your input is not needed.

Sorry if I've offended anyone.
I haven't tried it.
From what I've heard I don't think it works though.

Sorry Archeon. Thats just what I think. I'll try it sometime and then give you my input.
What one should I try if I do experiment with it?
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I haven't tried it.
But it sounds like just has a placebo effect.
But thats just me.

Read above post.
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Read above post.

Excuse me, but all I am saying is that judging by the experiences of a few of my friends, its just not all it is cracked out to be. I don't know if they tried the wrong thing or not.
Does that make me a moron?
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Does that make me a moron?

In a sense yes, in a sense, no.

The drug related ones aren't necessarily the best. The ones that are meant to put you in a relaxed and calm state seem to be far more effective and not just a product of placebo effects.