hey man, cool name and all but imma warn you
theres a country badn called emerson drive, and they're pretty big too.......so yea just a warnin
yeah.......................... were changing the name anyway. manager says its taken.
I love the rawness to your music. Singer sounds great. I would have to say fragile is my favorite out of the four. This is stuff I wouldn't normally listen to but you guys made it work for me. Keep it up.

crit mine if you want.

It's Not Enough
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red hair: nice riff. tone could have more bite. i love your accents. vocals were awsome. the bass bored me. drums were good. i love the vibe on this. solo was nice. very classic sounding. it did start sounding a bit wanky, but thats often hard to avoid in blues rock. the stummed guitar sounds like it might be a bit out of tune, but that might be me.

good job, crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=11331470#post11331470
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