Hey, well, the Christmas season is coming and I thought it would be cool to write some stuff. Aside from actually writing a Christmas Song, I want to do a personolized version of a classic carol. It'll probably be instrumental, but I don't know yet. Anyways, I'd like some suggestions of which songs to do and if possible, the key they are in.

Thakns a bunch.
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My guitar teacher has a bunch of jazz style renditions. My favorite of his is Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. That song has my favorite melody out of all the carols.
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something I'm thinking about learning is Jingle Bells or a popular song. I know a country has a good christmas CD
White Christmas is a lovely song. The chord progression and the melody just fit the sentiment of the song so perfectly.

In terms of religious songs I guess you might want something upbeat. Go Tell It On The Mountain is a really happy song compared to a lot of others.

Here is a bluesy jazzy version.

It's not about the key for real. It's about the chords and how they relate to each other.

A lot of tunes are in basic keys like C or G. For instance, I like to play Silent Night in the key of G when I play, because I think it sounds the best to my ears in G.