sexiest pedal ive ever bought, and the best. the fuzz flyin out of that is like velcro baby. dam this thing rips. the sustain is crazy on it, i could see how hendrix got those crazy sustain notes. volumes on full and fuzz is on 3/4. even rolling back the volume and using the neck pickup makes the sexiest blues tone. god dam im in love. if you want some sound clips i can post some on my account
congrats...you better get on changing your gear in the ol' sig then
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Does yours also completely chance in character when you turn the fuzz knob to 8 or 9? On mine this whole extra 'layer' of fuzz appears only very near the end of the turn.
hmm.. umm im not sure what you mean? lol. for my fuzz i have the volume maxed out and the fuzz points to the right.
^When you slowly turn the fuzz knob from 1 to 10, at around 8 or so, it suddenly becomes a lot fuzzier and grittier.