If you don't feel like reading all the backstory feel free to jump down to my actual questions.

So about two months ago I was with my friend who was considering buying an Ibanez S2170FB (he ended up getting it, sick guitar) at my local music store, Instrumental music, when I asked the salesperson about what sort of small tube amps they had. He said they didn't really stock themm because they weren't popular enough and all they had were Fender Blues JRs. I told him those were way out of my price range because I had just bought my AS103 about two weeks before.

I mentioned that I was probably going to save up and get a Laney or something, and then he was like, "I just remembered, I think we have some sort of used Laney combo in the back." He comes back with a Laney LC15R and told me to try it out. I mentioned that it was pointless because there was no way I had the money for it. I strum some Black Sabbath riffs anyway and I'm completely blown away. Out of curiosity I go to flip over the price tag to see how much it was and then I nearly crapped my pants. "175 dollars!!! That's a steal!" was all I could say.

I ended up putting in on layaway and finally paid it off yesterday. I know the VCs are supposed to be better but I don't care, because I've never seen one anywhere close to being this cheap.

Anyway on to the questions. I plan on making some changes to the amp eventually. First off is the speaker. Would a Celestion V10 be the best choice for a replacement? I play mostly older metal (Sabbath, Maiden) along with a ton of other random stuff (Cream, Clapton, Eric Johnson). It seemed like the only decent speaker that kind of fit my requirements in the 10" size.

Also the "low" input's volume seems to be too low. Every now and then the volume will spike, which makes me think the tubes need to be replace, but the "hi" input seems fine.

And pictures as promised:

Laney awesomeness...

Sorry for the ginourmous post.
is it really necessary to change the speaker on something that will be used as no more than a practice amp?
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Quote by The Real Ming
Could be wrong but, if the tubes were bad, wouldn't that affect the high and low inputs? Did you try "jiggling" the low input?

Huzzah!!! You sir get an imaginary cookie *gives*. Thanks!

Well that takes care my biggest concern

And to 'pavel,' it's probably not necessary but I still want to try and get to best sounds out of this amp as possible and at least attempt to try and develop my tone.